Office space feature photo 920x425 - PJ Office a unique space

PJ Office is a unique office space in London that caters to the needs of creative’s. Its amenities include a library, conference room, wifi, and a private balcony. The PJ office is a unique office space that combines the benefits of a coffee shop and gym. Users can do allContinue Reading

mediation centre

Mediation is one of the popular forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is the process by which individuals representing the disputing parties come together collectively, aiming to rectify the issue without any emotional investment in the matter or bias toward the parties or the issue. Having representatives stand up for your case is highly effective in seeing the matters objectively and fairly. This way the conclusion reached is to be one based on facts and the evidence brought forward. The mediators, as the primary decision makers, thus are a popular option for various cases and fields including civil matters and business affairs. In this article we discuss how people come to work at a mediation centre as part of the mediation table; the steps they took to achieve this goal.Continue Reading