“Even Animals Are Known To Defend And Protect Their Babies!”

May 4, 2011

power to stop child abuse - “Even Animals Are Known To Defend And Protect Their Babies!”

Dear readers, how many of us out there are less aware of the awareness of humanity issues that is happening around the globe? We read and we hear of cases of child abuse in the media and on the internet. How sensitive are we to issues like this? Do we just turn a deaf ear to humanity issues especially when it happens to a child or a baby who is  too young to defend for themselves? People are becoming so self-centered that they only care for themselves and their families. Question is, why bother about others when it does not affect my family? Then what is the meaning of “humanity?????” Isn’t it to ignore the instinct of being selfish and to care for others before oneself? Humanity is being able to feel the pain and hurt and the feeling of sympathy and compassion on others.

child abuse photo - “Even Animals Are Known To Defend And Protect Their Babies!”

Dear friends, looking at the above topic titled,”Even animals are known to defend and protect their babies!” What about we humans? Are we able to defend and protect our children from being abused? I am talking about your own flesh and blood and also other babies, kids and children? We know that children are being abused everyday but what are we doing about it? Parents you who abuse your own kids,what is wrong with you? Even animals do not do that. You are worse than the animals. Children do not deserve to be abused physically or sexually! What have these kids done to deserve that kind of a treatment? You even let others to abuse them. Are you not behaving inhuman? Why are these kids not protected?

Friends, we who are parents are the ones that brought them into this world? Are we not the ones who are to protect them? Instead of giving them protection, some parents who can’t be compared to animals have abused their little ones to the maximum until it leads to death and they are traumatized. They do not lead a normal life after that! Some kids and babies are even sexually abused by their own biological parents. Your own flesh and blood is being abused not by others but you! In which category of animals shall I place you? There is none because animals know how to protect and defend their babies!

Dear friends, we hear of so many cases of children and babies being abused. Some who are left in homes are also being abused physically and sexually. Even in our country we had so many cases of child abuse and there care still many out there that are not being reported. Many spouses are not brave enough to make a report on such abuse cases. Reason, shame will be brought on the family and they are afraid that they might be shunned by their families and community. Meaning those children and babies will have to suffer in silence for the rest of their lives! Is this what we want, friends?

A reminder to parents and those who are young parents. If you cannot afford to defend and protect your child, please do not bring them into the world and torture them. The kids do not deserve this type of treatment from you. Do not blame it on your financial constraint and the struggle and stress that you are not able to handle and your children become the victim. If you can’t handle your own life then why blame it on the children? They are too young to understand what you are going through.Let them enjoy their childhood phase. Many abused children out there have been deprived of their childhood phase. Friends. it is time for each and everyone of us to do our part in the community.

Dear friends, be bold and have the courage to report every cases of child abuse. If cases are not going to be reported, imagine how many babies and children will be suffering in silence. Are we able to live peacefully knowing that children are being abused daily either by their biological parents,non biological parents or even by their close family relatives and friends.Friends, let us be more aware of global issues such as this. Is the current law enforcement in our country effective enough to curb child abuse? Child abuse cases should not be taken lightly because innocent children are being tortured physically and sexually. Let us question ourselves today, “What if it is our child that is being abused Today?” Please friends, if today you know of cases where children are being physically and sexually abused, take up your phone today and make a call and report to Talian Nur 15999. You could save a child today from being a victim of child abuse.