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Getting Started On The Best Investment

Do you want to know what the very best investment platforms are? Here you can read my independent comparison of the best online brokers for stocks, as well as real estate. Because spread your opportunities across multiple markets and don’t just invest in the stock market alone. It is also good to spread your money over several investment platforms for the protection of your money. So don’t miss this independent comparison. Avoid making a bad choice and click on the link above for a detailed comparison. Go for the apartment puchong option in this case.

Consider Selling When Buying – Have Your Property Appraised By A Professional In Advance

The person who comes after you wants the same thing as you: return. This means that he only buys if he sees potential in your real estate or puchong new condo. Therefore, look through the eyes of a potential buyer when you buy. Do you find this difficult? Then have your property appraised pro forma by a professional before you buy.

Real Estate Funds That Can Make You Rich

Let’s start with an investment option that I also do myself, namely investing in real estate funds. You may have already seen a folder of it, there are funds in which you can invest a certain amount at a fixed percentage return. These funds use money to build new neighborhoods. 

For example, you can often invest from 5,000 euros, and the returns are quite high, usually around 7%. When visiting a house, checking the electrical installation of the home is an important step. Look at the level of obsolescence of the equipment (2 or 3 pin sockets) and check if the electrical panel is in good condition.

Ask to open the connection manhole. For quality drinking water, it must be clean: zero waste, no stagnant water or sediment. Finally, for the “wastewater disposal” part, have it confirmed that the house or your puchong condo is properly connected to the sewerage network.

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If you are going to do this, my tip is: start with a small amount per month and see if it is something for you. Choose the option to reinvest your dividend/profit every month. Because if you do this you will make more and more profit within a few years, and you can become seriously rich in real estate without knowing it yourself. This is the way to achieve financial freedom.

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