Internet and Technical Issues

Despite the fact that phone companies are now offering increasingly attractive internet services, the state of Italy’s internet network has not been able to guarantee that data uploads, file transfers, downloads, and uploads are not delayed. Even for those with the quickest internet access, there may be moments when the connection is slow, even to open a simple website like this.

surfing the www - Internet and Technical Issues

We can try to overcome the problem, learn why the Internet is slower than normal, or follow the terms of the contract signed with the network operator when the problem is fundamental and congenital.


Let’s look at the most typical reasons for the network to become slow as well as how to fix the problem when network slowness happens so you can get back to rapid navigation later. 

1) The Gadget is Linked To The Internet via Wi-Fi.

In most circumstances, signal interference from Wi-Fi networks, buildings, and other electronic components affects internet speed while using a wireless connection to a gateway (especially microwaves). It is preferable to use a connected connection using an Ethernet cable if you want to surf as quickly as possible.

2) Hardware Issues

on devices that cause the network to slow down. The longer you use the same router, the slower it becomes, resulting in issues that are independent of the service provider.

internet speed - Internet and Technical Issues

The problem with some forms of VPN in Wifi may be caused by the receiving device, antenna, or cable modem. Wi-Fi extender devices are a low-cost way to extend the range of your wireless signal, which is ideal if your router can’t reach every corner of your home.

However, due to the wireless traffic management system, which divides the bandwidth between reception (from the router) and data transmission, these devices typically lower bandwidth in half (to the computer).

We’ve put up a comprehensive tutorial to help you understand how a wifi repeater, often known as a “Range Extender,” works and which one to buy. 

3) There Is a Technical Issue With The ISP (The Network Provider).

Due to technological difficulties, the Internet may be slow. This is why is highly liked. A fast search on Twitter can reveal regional issues, while reports on network provider pages can generate support tickets.

You can also call the network provider’s call center and complain to one or more operators, repeating the process until an operator recognises that our problem didn’t reach us and that it can’t be remedied by resetting the router (which is usually the first recommended solution). 

4) Computer Virus and

Malicious applications talking with the open Internet and consuming bandwidth before it starts is one of the most common reasons for large fluctuations in network performance.

The problem might be resolved by running an antivirus scan on your machine. 

5) Slow Browsing

due to congestion of central routers or zone repeaters employed by internet providers. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) create network infrastructure with a number of routers and repeaters located around the city.

All neighbors and residents on the street have access to the same local router. There may be a modest dip in online performance if too many users try to download at fast rates at the same time, possibly using a programme like Emule or BitTorrent.