Is it possible for everyone to see it at this time? The Internet Has Turned Into a Must-Have

The internet is our primary source of information, communication, and entertainment in our everyday lives. The internet, according to its definition, connects users with various types of mobile phones and computer systems. An internet connection is required for the sharing and exchange of ideas, information, and news.

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This should come as no surprise, but contemporary life has become more dependent on access to the internet, to the point where it is no longer a luxury, but a need. Electricity, water, food, and even shelter might be included among human beings’ fundamental needs in the contemporary day. We used to live without the internet, but we’ve come to the conclusion that having each of these things is so much better than not having them that everyone should have them. Everyone needs the internet at some time in their life, regardless of age, IQ, or social class. Individually and collectively, we are better off when everyone has access to these technologies for things like public health, public safety, and economic prosperity. If there was any doubt about the importance of internet access, the current coronavirus epidemic should have answered it. Everyone who can still work from home uses the internet to do so. Almost every school, whether or not it was previously capable of converting to distance learning, working from home is working at breakneck speed to ensure that students can interact with their lecturers and access their study materials online to continue their studies. The current epidemic has brought attention to the relevance of the internet in a variety of areas, including education and the workplace. The internet, which we use on a daily basis, serves as a conduit between these elements, allowing for a seamless connection. So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of the poor people who can’t go online. Malaysia is a developing and modernizing country, but it suffers since it does not provide this fantastic service to its residents for free or at a reduced cost. It’s past time for Malaysians to recognize the critical importance of internet access. It’s past time to give internet access the same priority as electric power, clean water, and paved roads. Each is crucial to a healthy and functioning society, which is why we spend so much money to ensure that these necessities are widely available throughout the nation. And why, via laws and government oversight, we ensure their safety, reliability, and affordability for all Malaysians. To be sure, the dual challenges of providing and managing affordable internet access for all Malaysians are difficult and expensive, but they are not insurmountable. Neither problem will be solved by the private sector, thus the government should take care of it. This approach may assist everyone from children to adults. Citizens’ burdens could be reduced by a fraction with an affordable internet plan. There’s no denying that such programs exist; the problem is that other factors such as vehicle research and development, agriculture, and so on aren’t given enough attention.

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