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Newborn Baby Care

Humans are the most vulnerable when they are infants. When they are first born is when parents need to pay extra attention to their children. This is called the neonatal phase. The neonatal phase, which is known as the first 28 days of life, is critical for a child’s survival since it has the highest chance of death per day of any other time of childhood. The first month of life is also a critical time for establishing a foundation for long-term health and growth. Healthy newborns develop into healthy individuals who can flourish in their communities and contribute to society. This all the more makes it important that we need to care for our children. 

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Here are a few primary reasons why baby care is important:

To identify abnormalities and problems

When children first come out of the womb they will have to adapt to a new change of environment. Going from being in their mother’s womb for nine months to breathing in the fresh air for the first time, it comes as no surprise when some infants experience respiratory problems. This is precisely why nurses and doctors immediately check for respiratory problems and anomalies to ensure the child can breathe properly on their own without needing external help. 

Should children experience any problems, doctors are immediately alerted so that the necessary care can be provided for the infants. And just a reminder, even if your child passes the first 48 hours safely, parents should remain vigilant about their children’s condition for the next 28 days just to be safe.

To ensure the child has a healthy central nervous system

Doctors usually check on the child’s strength and reflexes to ensure that they have a healthy central nervous system. This is done to ensure that the child has a symmetric response to the tests carried out. Should the child respond asymmetrically, they would need to carry out tests to see if the child has experienced any trauma during the pregnancy or birthing process. This is essential as trauma could potentially cause fractures, paralysis or even damage to the nerves. 

To determine the gestational maturity of infants

Another primary reason why baby care is vital is to determine the gestational maturity of infants. Gestational maturity refers to the maturity of the child’s organs. This is crucial since if the infants’ organs are not developed properly, the child could experience severe problems. The type of problems experienced by the child would be determined by which organ was not developed properly. This is a tricky business and infants who do not pass the gestational maturity evaluation could be subjected to severe complications. At certain times, even if the child passes through this stage, they could potentially experience problems even after their infant stage. 

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