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Several Interesting Health Courses

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1. Pharmacy

In addition to being an in-demand health major with promising job prospects, pharmacy majors offer the opportunity to learn interesting things. It turned out that studying in the pharmacy department had nothing to do with patient care, but rather consisted of learning about the composition and compounds of drugs and then combining and formulating them into a drug that meets eligibility requirements.

The most frequently asked question regarding pharmacy majors is whether all majors may enrol in this health major. The answer is yes. All majors are welcome to study in the pharmacy department, not just high school graduates with science or science degrees. When you major in pharmacy, you will learn about the composition of drugs and vitamins, as well as how to combine substances to create drugs. Consequently, when you take medicine in the future, you will not be careless, because you will be aware of its composition and the correct dosage.

2. Nutritional Science

The nutrition science courses for pharmacy majors in grades eleven and twelfth do not involve patients at all. Even the field of lectures is nearly identical, with the exception that pharmacy majors study drug content while nutrition majors study food and beverage containers.

The entry requirements for a nutrition major also do not require a science or science major degree. Currently, the nutrition science major at a private university also has good passing grades and accreditations, so you have a higher chance of acceptance. The interesting aspect is that if you study in this department, you can analyze the composition of food and beverages. You can also select body-necessary healthy foods and beverages, which are suitable for those who enjoy making difficult diet menu decisions.

3. Obstetrics

We transition from medical college majors unrelated to patients to health majors that are always and must be in daily contact with patients. In addition to nursing, the college department that is constantly in contact with patients is midwifery. Where is the entertainment in studying midwifery? Don’t get me wrong, there are many young couples who marry today, but they are confused about how to care for their children. Well, when you study midwifery, you will learn techniques for caring for mothers and infants every day, so you can rest assured that you will also learn how to be the wife of your dreams hehe.

Yes, the midwifery department is exclusive to women. Therefore, you shouldn’t even consider enrolling in the department of midwifery, as you will inevitably fail the prerequisites. In the end, it will not be entertaining for men to learn how to become their ideal wives in college. Therefore, avoid registering with the midwifery department.

4. Administration of Hospital

This one major is still relatively new in health lectures, and only a handful of campuses offer a Hospital Administration major. However, even though it is a new major, this hospital administration department has a significant number of enthusiasts. The Hospital Administration Department is for students who wish to attend a health campus but do not wish to interact with patients or medications.

The most enjoyable aspect of studying in the Hospital Administration department is learning about office management science, particularly as it pertains to hospitals. Children who graduate with the Hospital Administration major will determine the direction of hospital operations, as the Hospital Administration major’s responsibility is to manage all hospital operational matters. belajar kejururawatan di malaysia.