images 41 - Verify that the real estate is in perfect condition

Verify that the real estate is in perfect condition

When it comes to selecting and purchasing a home, the high time pressure and high costs regrettably attract a large number of “black sheep,” who congregate on respected property sites to prey on unsuspecting buyers. The Batu Caves apartment is the most appropriate option in this situation. The fact that the offer price is extremely excellent is the first indicator of this. Always bear in mind that while there is a lot of demand, there isn’t much available to give away. In this section, you will discover the most significant indicators of a questionable service provider summarized:

  • The offer price is noticeably low.
  • There is a discrepancy between the photos and the description of the property (for example, an energy certificate is absent).
images 42 - Verify that the real estate is in perfect condition

Inappropriate time pressure

  • Visiting appointments that were subject to a fee
  • Payment requests to foreign accounts
  • The provider’s name was changed on a number of occasions.

At first sight, reputable suppliers seem to be trustworthy, but they may give you a lot of problems later on, which you can prevent if you choose the right property. At the very least, it is concerned with the purchasing process. In addition, it is concerned with the operation and maintenance of the property in its own right. It makes a significant difference whether you are considering an existing home or a new construction project in this situation.

You may use the already available properties.

In the event of existing properties, the property that the provider sells may be inspected immediately after the transaction is completed. Regardless of the somewhat expensive expenses (about 120-150 € per hour), you should certainly hire a construction professional for this. The expenses of a remodeling project that is not found until it is too late may be several times greater. Be mindful of the fact that renovations are considered auxiliary expenses, which will have an impact on your maximum purchase price for the home.

In the following item, you will find more information about this subject:

When it comes to fresh construction, the risk for you is greater since the item is still just a concept on paper and it is more difficult for you to identify potential hazards. It is even more critical to thoroughly research the service provider ahead of time. It’s worth remembering that you’ll have to put up with it for a few years throughout the building process and during the warranty term. Check to see what is included in the stated price as well.

Property developers often sell the property on a turnkey basis, which provides you with a certain level of planning assurance for the expenses associated with the purchase. However, there are other service providers that simply provide a coordinating function, with the real prices becoming apparent only when the trades have been commissioned later. Planning uncertainty occurs in the absence of full and previous cost transparency, which you should avoid at all costs when selecting a home.