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Ways to Backup Data

With the innovation and development of global technology, network data in the era of big data has become more and more complex. The uncertainty created by virtual things creates a sense of insecurity about data storage in general. Threats to data are often more difficult to defend against, and if they become real, they can destroy not only the data but also the systems that access it. The causes of data loss and destruction include the failure of data processing and access software platforms, the design vulnerability of the operating system, the hardware failure of the system, the human operation error, the malicious damage of illegal visitors in the network, the failure of the network power supply system and so on. The important data, files or historical records in the computer are of great importance to both enterprise users and individual users. If lost carelessly, it will cause immeasurable losses. In order to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, enterprises should take advanced and effective measures to back up data and prevent it from happening.

databackup - Ways to Backup Data

There are four ways to backup data. The first is to use periodic tape, a remote tape library or CD library backup. This means sending data to a remote backup center to make a complete backup tape or CD. The second way is through the database, which is to create a copy of the primary database on a backup machine that is separate from the production machine where the primary database resides. The third way is in the form of network data. This method monitors and tracks the updates of the production system’s database data and important object files that need to be tracked, and sends the update log to the backup system in real time over the network, and the backup system updates the disk according to the log. The fourth is remote mirroring, which extends the mirror disk to a place far away from the production machine through high-speed fibre route and disk control technology. The data on the mirror disk is the same as the data on the primary disk, and can be updated synchronously or asynchronously.

Data backup and data recovery are integrated. Therefore, a professional and reliable backup system is a point that we should pay more attention to when we carry out data management and protection. As for the choice of system, many people prefer the system of western developed countries, but they do not know that backup solutions Malaysia is also in a good development. A good backup system on the basis of network security, smooth network and large backup storage makes us feel at ease to use and trust it.