job interview 1 - Already Proven Interview Attire that Leaves A Positive Impression

Already Proven Interview Attire that Leaves A Positive Impression

If you are about to go through an interview, you must be excited right now and at the same time, scared. Yes, because this phase of the job hiring process will tell you if you can make it or not in the company you want to be part of. While there are so many factors that will be considered by the hiring manager, you can do your part and dress to impress the interviewer at that time. Yes, don’t give him to chance to be disappointed the moment he sets eyes on you. Instead, make him bookmark you with his mind so that he will look forward at the time you will be in front of him.

How can you dress up for your interview? Here are some tips:

  1. A navy-blue blazer should accentuate your outfit. You can put in a lighter shade blouse or you can put in something with a different color, but of course, it should just be in a lighter shade like gray or white and so on. This should make you look less formal but not too casual as well. And the good thing is you can easily find something to pair with this combination like a pair of slacks or a skirt. You can even wear this combination in a different event.
  2. You can also try to button down. Yes, this may seem boring but that will not be the case if you also experiment with the color. You just have to make sure that you will use something to cover your bra or your neckline should be modest. It would be more interesting as well if you will tuck in your top unless it is really meant the opposite like it has designs at the edge and so on.
  3. Do you want to look elegant? I am pretty sure you do! However, you have to be careful not to be overdressed as aside from the fact that this is not a good idea, you might annoy the interviewer. Yes, if you will have a female interviewer and you dress better than her, chances are she will secretly get annoyed and who knows if her annoyance get the better of her! For an elegant look, you can try a sleeveless top with a bow paired with a skirt. Just choose something simple with simple colors as well. You have to lie low here to avoid the situation mentioned above and because also, you are still an applicant.
  4. You can have the female version of the khaki suit. Yes, and instead of a pair of pants, you can use a skirt. Well, a pair of khaki pants will also do and even look chic. So, it will be up to you which will look better on your type of body. The bottom line is this menswear-inspired suit will surely make you look professional yet elegant at the same time. This is a typical corporate look so no one will say you are going overboard.
  5. Why not try a black dress paired with a pair of tights! This will surely make you look cool and comfortable which is just what you need when in this phase of your job hunting. The tights will complete your attire so that it will not appear like you are seducing the interviewer. Make sure to choose a subtle color for your tights so that they will not overpower your dress.
  6. When it comes to job interviews, a pair of classic black slacks is quite common. However, so you will not look typical or classic for that matter, you can drape your top with blazer or a jacket. You have to properly choose the jacket as well and see to it that it will boost your goal to have a formal look. When it comes to your top, you can add some flare so your black pants will be less boring.

Yes, you have to be careful when it comes to your job interview. Aside from making sure that you won’t stammer and that you are ready for the questions, you also need to dress up properly. On that note, here are the types of attires you should not consider wearing:

  • Bright flashy colors
    You are not the manager yet and even that, you are applying for a job. In the business world, flashy colors are absurd, even for the managers at that. Such colors are only good if you are heading to a party. You will surely annoy your interviewer if you arrive with super flashy attire.
  • Don’t use a blazer to cover up your undershirt
    While using blazers is known to boost that corporate look, but that is not the case if you are using flashy colors underneath. You might think that it will not be noticed, but you are wrong as it will still be obvious. Yes, your blazers cannot correct the wrong choice of dress you use underneath it.
  • Too much cologne or perfume
    You will not be the only one wearing perfume or cologne. Just imagine if each of you will overdo it? Your nose will surely have the worst of day of its life!

Yes, you have to be careful when it comes to a job interview as this will never be corrected. You might get another chance but that will be with another company already!