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The Problem With Salaries in Malaysia

Are Malaysians facing problems with their wages?

January 10, 2020 – There are a number of jobs in this country which some of us will never one to do, being a garbage man? Nope. A plumber? Absolutely not. A carpenter? Boring. A construction worker? Isn’t that for those who failed school? Those who find it difficult to find jobs malaysia would probably resort to low-paying jobs.

I would just like to say that we as a people should never judge a person by the careers they have. We should be applauding them, because they despite that job they do, they still didn’t resort to criminal activities, they just want to get by just like you.

download 20 - The Problem With Salaries in Malaysia

So the next time you see a garbage man or a worker at McDonalds, just remember, at least they are doing it the legit way.

So on to our list, here are 4 jobs in Malaysia that are getting less than what they are being paid for:


If you get grossed out trying to clean your own toilet or trying to fix that broken sink, what makes you think plumbers enjoy it?

It’s sometimes a thankless job, but they are the true unsung heroes. Only plumbers will be willing to unclog that unholy mess jamming your toilet, and how much do they do it for in Malaysia?

RM1,613 a month…

You might think, “oh that doesn’t sound bad, but remember, plumbers are risking there health just to make sure your pipes are running, your drains are unclogged and so on.

If the plumber is skilled in their job, they should absolutely be paid more. And if that won’t convince you, I want you to think about this.

Put yourself in this situation, your toilet has become clogged, you ate too much. It’s now filling up, dear God, it’s not stopping…

You just stand there, helpless as the disgusting water overfills the toilet and starts dripping on the floor.

Now imagine if a plumber wasn’t there to fix it, say good-bye to sanitation. So plumbers, who are they? They are among the many heroes who don’t wear capes.


Some of you might see garbagemen as smelly dudes who failed school and likes to play with trash all day. We have to admit, we don’t appreciate those in the garbage disposal business enough.

Who is stopping your garbage from piling up into mountains of trash, who is there to make sure that the durian seeds that you threw out are taken away? The garbage man, that’s who.

And how much to these poor sods get to do the things they do, to help the communities in Malaysia?

Around RM3,000 a month. Again, you may say, “oh come on, that’s enough for them to get by.”

Yeah, it might be if it was a risk-free job. Being a garbage man can pose serious health risks, it’s a no brainer really, their job is literally to throw out your germ-infested trash bags.

And some people are quite ignorant of the types of things they dispose of the trash bins, so there’s no way a garbage man would no what toxic or hazardous materials they are dealing with.

The fact that they need to lift heavy bags of trash is surely not going to do any good to their spine once they become old and the fact that they ride at the back of a garbage truck might bring in more risks of injuries from falling.

And here we are in our comfy homes and our air-conditioned cars, judging the garbage man for what we think is making poor life choices, while we clearly don’t know no better of what they have gone through and the dangers they face every day.


We see them every day, in our apartment complexes, our schools, our offices and in shopping malls.

They are the ones responsible for making sure that these places are clean. From mopping the floors to emptying the bins, janitors are very much another modern unsung hero we take for granted.

And here comes the judging from us again, as we believe that poor life choices and not going to school is what got them there.

And even if that was the case, the fact that they are willing to keep public places clean and sanitary should make them much more appreciated.

They too face occupational health risks when conducting their duties and often suffer from injuries and illnesses.

They are also exposed to high risk of trips, slips and falls, repetitive motion injuries. There are also cases where the cleaners and janitors become victims of assaults and crimes, especially when they work at odd hours or in remote areas, because some people are just the absolute worst.

How much do they get paid for doing this, for cleaning up after you in the food court, for flushing the toilet that you didn’t flush?

RM1,300 a month.

That is sad. They work for long hours, unknowingly and sometimes knowingly being aware of the risks for their thankless jobs.

So the next time you finish your McDonald’s meal, try to clean up for your selves rather thatn resort to the “oh but that’s there job” mentality. Throw your trash in bins and keep toilet stalls clean when in public bathrooms, show some appreciation for the jobs janitors do.

Construction Workers

They literally help build infrastructure. Sure there are those who plan and design buildings, credit is given to them too, but it takes the job of a construction worker to make those buildings and projects become a reality.

There is no doubt, that the risks that construction workers face are a plenty. From heatstroke, to various injuries and even death from falling, falling objects, dangerous machinery and so on.

All for a meagre RM2,800 a month.

These guys help with building projects in our country and furthering improving Malaysia’s infostructure. Sometimes abuses by their hire ups are all too common and not enough protection in terms of worker rights is given to construction workers in Malaysia.

There’s not much we can do as regular people when it comes to these problems, there are always construction projects around Malaysia and a workforce is always needed. Perhaps in the future, our government will start to take action to ensure that construction workers are paid adequately and given more rights, so here’s to hoping.

So, there you have it, 4 thankless jobs in Malaysia that should definitely have a higher salary. It all comes down to the risk factors of the job.

It should be that if a job has higher health risks to its workers than they should be paid more to cover for those risks.

But it seems that in Malaysia, this way of thinking is not that common, many of our parents always use to point at people doing these jobs and tells us that if we don’t go to school or don’t do well in our studies, we will end up like them

It is because of this flawed mentality implemented into our minds, that causes us to not show appreciation for people doing these jobs.

So hopefully by reading this article, you may see them in a different light.

Also, you may watch this video to know more about the quality life low-paying jobs can afford: