floating hose repair in malaysia

Floating Hose Repair in Malaysia

From an oil well to a moving dock or other floating construction platform, fluids are loaded, transported, released, and transported via a marine or floating hose. By utilising lighter, more environmentally friendly materials and technologies, deck loads must be reduced. The weight of the kill lines might harm marine risers, conveyor belt-mounted marine hoses, reeling hoses on reel drums, and other deck fixtures. In the event that your floating hose sustains damage, don’t worry—there are options for floating hose repair in malaysia

Making Use of Floating Hose

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Numerous locations, such as ports, docks, oceans, silt, sand, flood discharge, and oil distribution, may have floating hoses. For significant stormwater construction projects, it is especially appropriate.

In many different types of water basins, including marine basins, floating hoses are frequently employed. The most typical uses for floating hoses are dredging, transferring crude oil off an oil rig, reloading oil at ports, and other similar tasks. Even in severe weather, floating hoses are easy to see. They are made of foam, so they never sink or soak up water while in use.

Floating Slurry Hose

The floating slurry hose is used in dredging operations and is made of soft rubber. The inner layer of the floating dredged hose is made of slurry-resistant rubber, and the middle layer is a supple reinforcing layer for regulating internal pressure. Additionally, the exterior cover is constructed from synthetic materials, which may shield the complete dredge floating hose from ultraviolet (UV), ozone, and external abrasions. The floating hose may be soft and flexible due to the soft rubber structure, which makes it much simpler to bend or reach close to the dredge.

Hose Repairing

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When an offshore floating hose needs repair, upkeep, or routine inspections, it could be challenging to locate the necessary resources distant from your site. This would require more money spent on logistics as well as more downtime.

We are taking these difficulties into account as we enhance our services. In order to provide facilities capable of maintaining and repairing your hose at an onshore marine facility close to you, Altus has put together a mobile team of professionals and mobile equipment. You no longer need a slipway to launch your hose thanks to Altus’ innovative hose launcher.

The following are some of the floating hose repair and upkeep services offered by Altus:

  • Engineering support
  • Hose stringing and unstringing
  • Dragging a hose
  • Both setup and breakdown
  • Pressure inspection and testing