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Gift Ideas For Expecting Mothers


Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful journey and a time for everyone to come together and celebrate the to be parents as well as their newborns. Things are even more special when a pair is expecting their first child. What’s a celebration without a gift ? To commemorate the beautiful journey, a gift is essentially needed to make them feel even more love and it also stands as a sign that we as their family member, friend or simply a well wisher are excited and looking forward to their beautiful little one. If you are looking for gift ideas for new moms and moms to be, I’ve got you covered, listed below are gift ideas that you can search and explore for when you are going to visit your loved ones. 

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Gift ideas 

  1. Diaper bag

This stands as a number 1 essential for mums to stock and pile up all their baby diaper needs. These bags come in various different sizes and are usually super spacious that have a built in changing pad, small slots for you to keep wet wipes, card holder and other miscellaneous items. It is not only a diaper, you can insert so many other things that would definitely free your hands from carrying all the items.

2) Nursing pillow

Nursing pillows are just big sized neck pillows that are used by mothers from the beginning of the third trimester itself. It is said that it would help with the blood flow while you are asleep or just simply resting yourself and later once the mother has given birth, it is used to nurse babies. It gives a great support for mothers while they are breastfeeding their babies. So if you want to provide great support nursing pillow Malaysia might just be the solution. 

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3) Maternity bra

These are essentially bras without wire that are known to provide mothers comfort while they are experiencing sore breasts. It is so comfortable that you can even sleep in with it. These maternity bras have a hole in the centre with clips attached to it. Breastfeeding mothers who wish to nurse their babies in public places are able to do so and when they are done, the clip simply needs to be put back in its place.

4) Stretch mark oil

Everyone knows that becoming a mother means dealing with all the stretch marks as it is part of the pregnancy that comes naturally to it. During this time, mothers would love to lather oil or lotion in their belly area especially as it prevents further drying and chapping of the skin area. It is also said that with continuous application of essential oil. The stretch mark would also fade.

5) Maternity pants/leggings 

The maternity pants are created with a good quality stretchy rubber material that is super durable and elastic that it is able to withstand the stretch especially around the belly area. Pregnant mother and even mothers who have just given birth would love a maternity pants as it is super comfortable and easy to move around while providing the great support for tummy.