Managing Your Home Wi-Fi Network Has Many Advantages

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IoT devices, voice assistants, computers, TVs, and other gadgets have all increased in number on residential Wi-Fi. Additionally, we want more from home internet connections: The demand on your network is greater than ever, whether you’re streaming in every area of the house or working from home. 

Do you have a lot of connected devices? Let’s look at the main motivations for beginning network management.

You may have more control over your home network by managing your Wi-Fi settings, ensuring that it is secure, entertaining, and useful for everyone using it. Consider using a Wi-Fi connection manager even more so if your internet speed is below the typical 1 GB available on fibre connections: With a little tweaking, you may increase the speed of your present connection.

parental restrictions for the internet By creating profiles and assigning devices to them, you can restrict or whitelist websites accessed through your Wi-Fi and set a time restriction on screen time. You can make sure your children view age-appropriate material. However, with so many gadgets and cellular connections, keep in mind that this might just be a portion of the solution. A more comprehensive parental controls app might be necessary if your kids have mobile devices.

A guest network can limit which devices people on your network can access while preventing potentially hazardous traffic from infecting the rest of your network. The speed of your entire network can be maintained by periodically changing the guest network password.

Affordability and troubleshooting Last but not least, a good Wi-Fi manager gives you the ability to control the connections of whatever hardware you’re utilising. It’s much simpler to identify the issue whether you have a mesh network, a Wi-Fi extender, or smart home gadgets. 

This may prevent you from contacting customer care or provide you with more information if you do. Sometimes all a device needs is a restart or a quick check to make sure it’s working properly.

Enhanced security — The foundation of a safe home network is Wi-Fi management. Update the router password in your Area network security settings to help prevent malicious parties from intercepting your traffic. Make sure to select the most recent, robust data encryption of which might not be turned on by default. 

The Encryption Process (AES) is a layer of encryption on top of WPS2 that is recommended by the web security business Norton. It’s time for a new router if all you have is Wired Equivalent Privacy (Wi – fi protected access)!

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