Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia

Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia: The Best Breakthrough!

Are you aware that with the entry of technology into human life, many fields have begun to transform. The ease in everything began to be felt by the community. In addition, the business section can also be seen with the Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia. It redefines efficiency by making the customer part of the buying process, thereby minimizing operational costs, time, and negligence.

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What Exactly is Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia

Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia is a computer terminal created for the purpose of providing information or providing services that exist in a business or company. Several large locations in Indonesia already exist such as at train stations, banks and airports, but are still rarely found in public places and many other places.

The service uses a kiosk, the goal is to make it easier for service or customers who come to carry out activities such as for example sending money other than at ATMs, making it easy to top-up virtual funds to applications through kiosks, buying credit for data packages and being able to buy train tickets and others.

What are Their Benefits?

Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia Reducing Customer Dependence on the Company

When our customers can solve their own problems without us having to queue long. So customers don’t have to ask the clerk, because there is already a video guide in the kiosk. For example, when a bank customer has a problem sending money to a relative. They don’t have to wait for the bank’s business day, they just use internet banking services, so that money can be sent right away.

Make Satisfaction Increases, Profits Increase

When the company grows and fully supports it, it will improve the quality of service to customers. So automatically their level of satisfaction also increases. An example is when customers often buy your product because they rely on automated machines, and fast and efficient transactions. So customers will buy at your place more often with self service.

Improve Business Efficiency

Judging from the definition of kiosk, kiosk is believed to be able to efficiently and effectively facilitate the customer experience. That means, by using kiosks they will get a different satisfaction and experience when making transactions. So you don’t need to bother, all transaction systems are running automatically. Those are some of the advantages of using self service with it. The kiosk is also very easy to use, because it has been designed to provide a different experience for customers.

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The Usage of Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia

  • Fast Food Restaurant

Kiosk technology has been used by fast food restaurants since the second quarter of 2018, and there are already several branches using this machine. Using the self service machine is quite easy, by pressing the touch to start button, then choose to eat here or take it home. Select the menu until all orders and payment amounts appear in the order box. Food prices per item are also displayed in this screen. Then select Done if the order is complete. Through self-service technology with kiosks, business people want to reduce the queue when ordering food at the counter as usual. Even in the future, it is expected to implement table service where consumers can order on the touch screen and sit down immediately.

  • Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport already has many Self Service Kiosk POS Malaysia. This can be seen by the number of tools for self-check-in. This facility has been operating for a long time. The purpose of this machine at the airport is to make it easier for passengers traveling without baggage to be recorded in the cabin which was originally done in the check-in content.

  • Convenience Store

Supermarket franchises such as Seven Eleven, KK Mart, and Family Mart also use kiosk technology to make it easier for their customers to serve virtual transactions such as credit, data packages, transportation tickets, paying electricity, water bills, paying internet bills, cable tv and others. The ease and efficiency of using a kiosk is really necessary for you to pamper your customers with a different experience.

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