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Winsonic touch monitor Malaysia drawbacks to be aware of

The industrial PC from Xyreon also features the most recent cooling technology, such as fanless or fanned chassis designs. Our fanless embedded computer is made for usage in the most demanding edge computing and Industrial IoT scenarios. With the aid of manufacturers like ASROCK Industrial PC motherboard, our embedded PC in Malaysia is made to minimize downtime and guarantee smooth functioning. To improve their operational efficiency, customer experience, and financial performance, an increasing number of businesses in Malaysia and around the world are looking at touchscreen tablets and monitors like the Winsonic Touch Monitor Malaysia.

How do monitors with touchscreens operate?

A touchscreen monitor is an electronic visual display that allows user interaction through a touch-sensitive screen. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse to connect with the computer, the user can interact with the screen by touching any icons or links that are displayed. From tiny hand-held devices to enormous wall-mounted panels, touch screen monitors come in a wide range of sizes and characteristics. The most prevalent applications for them are in point of sale (POS) systems, ATMs, and public kiosks.

Disadvantages of winsonic touch monitor Malaysia

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Using a touchscreen monitor can lead to typing errors. The pointer may move erratically if your hands are smeared with oil or other material that forms smudges on the screen. When using a computer for work and having to type precisely and rapidly, it can be frustrating. You must keep your hands as spotless as you can if you are using a USB touch screen monitor for these reasons if you don’t want to leave any residue.


The price of touch screen monitors is significantly higher than that of comparable non-touchscreen devices. Since the technology inside them is more complex, a manufacturer’s initial production costs will be greater. Make sure you’re getting enough value from touch screen monitors for their increased cost if you wish to use them in your organization.


The weakness of fragility is one of the major drawbacks. Many people use screen protectors on their gadgets because a tiny scratch can harm a touch screen. Touch screen repairs are frequently more expensive to repair than other sorts of repairs. After considerable damage, some gadgets might not be repairable. But you can protect the monitor with an anti-glare film.

High Maintenance

Cleaning is more challenging. You could be accustomed to cleaning your computer’s display, keyboard, and mouse with the same cloth, some water, or window cleaner. However, this approach may be more detrimental to touch screens than beneficial. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth or an anti-static cloth made specifically for cleaning monitors.


These days, especially on home PCs, touch screen monitors are more prevalent. They are also gradually being used at work. With these screens, you may use a stylus to draw on your computer, which can be both entertaining and useful at times. But before determining whether to get a touch screen monitor, you need to be aware of some of their drawbacks. If you know what to anticipate from them, touch screen monitors might be an advantageous alternative.