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A Guide To A Creative’s Website

Being a creative is connotated by several things: artistry, our chosen tapestry, our interpretations and philosophies. There are many things that play into their identity. Sharing that with the world is one way to build on your creative platform, but also a way to find inspiration from those who find your work inspiring, too. Setting up a website for your work is crucial, but how you present it is more significant because this acts as a determinant of how large your audience could grow to be. Done carefully, your site could be home to hundreds and thousands of readers and art enthusiasts. 

Choose Your Preferred Platform

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Technology and its advancements have allowed us the treasure of choice. You can start your site almost anywhere and for little to no money. Select your platform according to your content type and if you are unfamiliar, a bit of research can point you in the right direction. While many creatives still use the conventional WordPress site, you don’t have to ascribe to this. There are many artists using platforms like YouTube, Instagram and even Pinterest for their content. It depends on what you want to achieve, the kind of content you have as well as the demographic you are targeting. Note that wordpress is not the most popular among the young unless you manage to buy the domain and formalise it. 

The Name Of Your Site

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The name of your site gives insight into what your site is actually about. Make it simple yet catchy and, if you are moving your site to a social media platform, ensure that the information in your biography reflects the content you post. Making the name of your site memorable, too, plays a big part in how often curious people take a peek at your content. Consider a play on your name, or a play on words. Do not over complicate it, though. Simplicity is key.

The Outlook And The Aesthetic Matter

website SEO Malaysia 1024x768 - A Guide To A Creative’s Website

In the creative industry, how you paint your message is a priority if you are attempting to attract creatives like yourself. The appearance is a good indication of the quality of the content to be found. This varies and can be influenced by the tone of your material or what inspired the content itself. This too, should not be too complex. Play around with filters, or images to provide the perfect aesthetic for your site. Some people experiment with alternating images to give a tiled appearance. Do what works for you and your content. Ensure that it also reflects the creative you are. Images are a good addition to material, especially if you focus more on written content. Adding images spaces your writing, making it easier to follow and adds vibrancy. 

Reaching The Right Demographic For Your Work

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The point of your site is to engage with people from all over who will appreciate your work, find comfort in it or provide a safe space for discussion. Whether your content is music, poetry or art, you have a message to share with people to connect with them. Reaching out to people who will appreciate your artistry is a challenge because there are many people out there doing the same thing. What makes you special? Why should people pay attention to your content? It can be disheartening to share your creative work and have it not be appreciated or receive the right amount of exposure. Try including a website SEO Malaysia or consult with an SEO company that can help elevate your work to where it deserves to be. Make it noticeable by increasing its ranking on searches. 

Patience Is A Requirement

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When you create your site, the hope is that it blooms and blossoms immediately. However, a site that connects with people takes time and patience to grow. While you should aim for consistency with your content, you should not rush the process, because the quality also matters. Be a dependable creative and instead of chasing a large readership or viewership, focus on the quality of your followers. Oftentimes, the number of followers you gain is not significant if the engagement is low. Your loyal followers will have a more powerful impact on how your content fairs as compared to a large yet unengaged audience.