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Congratulations! because you’ve just given birth to a beautiful child And, of course, congratulations on becoming a mother. It’s time for her to get out and explore the world after conceiving the kid for around 9 months. Get the best nipple shield Malaysia has to offer.

It makes no difference whether your baby was born naturally or via caesarean section (c-section). When the time comes, your kid will have to emerge from the womb in any manner determined by fate.

These times are full of throbbing and excitement for those of you who have just given birth for the first time. The days ahead will undoubtedly feel strange, and everything will be unfamiliar to you.

Why Do Babies Cry After They Are Born?

A baby wailing after a few minutes of birth is considered normal from a scientific and medical standpoint. Otherwise, the baby’s brain has a hard time getting enough oxygen and might cause issues if it does not get enough.

Because it does not occur in the mother’s womb, the infant must learn to breathe through the respiratory system at the start of its life. The umbilical cord is the only source of oxygen and nutrition for the infant while in the womb.

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This tough procedure, which begins when the newborn begins to suffocate, forces the baby to open its mouth and make a sound that is described as to be crying.

As is generally known, the infant benefits from the nutritional nutrients delivered by the mother through the umbilical cord while still in the mother’s womb.

How will your baby eat once he or she is born is the question.

To continue to grow outside the mother’s womb, babies require a lot of nutrients from food. No other baby can only have food in the form of a liquid that must be poured into his mouth.

There are just two options: nursing directly from the mother’s breast or using a milk bottle (either breast milk or formula milk). The task of breastfeeding begins at this point.

Breast milk is, without a doubt, the healthiest diet for a baby, as it contains all of the necessary elements for growth. Breast milk production and quality can be stimulated and improved in a variety of ways. Breastfeeding knowledge and needs must be understood in order for this process to succeed.

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