brass fittings Malaysia

What is Brass Fitting Malaysia?

olet pipe fittings - What is Brass Fitting Malaysia?

Brass fitting Malaysia are used for carrying water, chemicals and flammable gasses. Not only that they also used to carry slurries, and other plumbing substances. These pipe fittings made of brass come in a wide range of shapes and thread sizes to connect, adapt, or control any liquid or gas in pipes. Brass fittings Malaysia are also can been used for some automotive applications.

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Why Should Brass Fitting?

  1. Durable
    They can be used for residential and also industrial plumbing. That is because they are suitable for heavy use and can stay good for years. This brass fitting lasts for a long time without disintegrating or even cracking. They are suitable for hot water supply lines.
  2. Can withstand high temperature
    They provide exceptional conductivity and also improve the efficiency of the distribution system. This brass fitting can tolerate higher temperatures than other fittings that are made from other materials.
  3. Malleable
    Brass is malleable metal, which is one of a thin sheet that can be easily formed by hammering or rolling . This makes brass fitting as a flexible option for many tight plumbing spots.
  4. Corrosion Resistant
    Brass fitting is highly resistant to corrosion and they don’t rust. This makes them last longer than other fitting.
  5. Versatile
    Brass fitting has a variety of types and sizes. So it will be easy for you to buy them.

Type if Pipe Fitting

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  1. Elbow Pipe Fitting
    Elbow pipe fitting is a key part in a pressure piping system. Which had been used to change the fluid flow direction. They are used to connect two pipes with same or different nominal diameters. Not only that they also make the pipe and thus the fluid direction turn to a certain direction of 45 degree or 90 degree.

  2. Reducer Pipe Fitting
    Reducer pipe fitting is a component in a piping system that changes the pipe size. They change in pipe size to meet flow requirements and also to adapt to the existing piping. Their length of the reduction is usually equal to the average of the larger and smaller pipe diameters.
  3. Tee Type Pipe Fitting
    A component of the plumbing system which is in T-shape. They have been used to combine the flow from two inlets to one outlet. If the 3 sides of T-fitting are similar in size it is called an Equal tee, otherwise it is called an Unequal tee.
  4. Cross Type
    Has 4 openings in 4 directions. They generate more stress on the pipe as the temperature changes. That is because of their location at the center of four connection points. Fire sprinkler systems always use this type of fitting.
  5. Coupling
    They are used to connect the pipes of same diameter and also very useful if the pipe is broken or leakage occurs. There are two types of couplings available which are compression coupling and slip coupling. Compression coupling is used to prevent leakage by the arrangement of gaskets or rubber seals on both sides. While for slip coupling it’s easier to install and contains two pipes that had arranged as one into other, inner pipe can slide up to some length
  6. Union
    They have a similar function with coupling. But for unions they can be removed whenever we need. Unions are very useful for maintaining the purpose of the pipe.
  7. Adaptor
    This adapter is generally used for copper and PVC pipes. Male adapters contain male threads while the female adapters contain female threads.
  8. Olet
    Olet will be used if the standard sizes of fittings are not suitable. For some cases the inlet pipe is larger than the outlet pipe. So this is when Olet needs to be used.
  9. Plug
    Plug is a component of plumbing that is generally used to close pipe openings during inspections and repairs.
  10. Cap
    Cap had the same function as plug but their difference if the plug contained male thread. While Cap contains female thread.
  11. Valves in Pipe Fitting
    Valves are components of plumbing systems which are used to stop or regulate flow of fluid in its path. They had different types depending on their application.