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Why We Must Have Doctor In The Family

It seems that the presence of family doctors in our country has not been noticed by many people. In fact, his presence is quite important to deal with all medical problems of family members. Can you go straight to the hospital or health center? That’s true, but the role of the family doctor is not limited to that. According to the book Healthy is Cheap by dr. Handrawan Nadesul, the health care system in our country is not yet in favor of patients and the average health system of our society is not yet solid, so it is often wrong to determine the address for treatment.

In addition, our health services also have two routes, namely the “fast track” for patients who can afford it and the “slow track” service for the poor. Well, in this “slow lane” service the “referral system” rule applies. This means that medical services are tiered from the simplest to more complete health facilities, such as hospitals. That’s why one of our family members has to become a doctor, for that let’s apply for science foundation programme in Malaysia.

Dr. Handrawan asserted that “fast track” is a distinct matter. However, patients may choose “fast track” medical services based on their needs. When you have the flu, for instance, you can select a specialist right away. However, there are some rules that must be followed. Due to the fact that you enter the medical field with all of its undesirable practices, this “fast track” medical service, Overlapping exams, dehumanizing services, and polypharmacy are a few examples (overprescribing of drugs). Such things are a part of the flurry of activity in the medical sector among the wealthy.

Why have a doctor in the family?

·        Get to Know Closer

This family doctor will certainly know very well the medical conditions of all family members he treats. In fact, complete with medical records since birth. In short, whatever the medical problems faced by family members, the family doctor is the place to ask questions and seek treatment. Because family doctors already know each member of their regular family, it is guaranteed that every family member will always be safe in treatment. The reason is that it is impossible for a family doctor who is very familiar with the family members he treats will harm them, compared to seeing a doctor late, as is often the case nowadays.

Family doctors can also minimize the risk of the dangers of not taking the medicine, giving the wrong medicine, or failing to diagnose. In addition, family doctors will not immediately give “hard” drugs, in contrast to doctors who pass by. Because, family doctors will continue to monitor the condition of family members. In short, if you don’t really need medicine, the doctor will not prescribe it.

·        Keep away from malpractice

Another family doctor, another passing doctor. Doctors usually think that people who treat him will not come back in a day or two. Therefore, generally they immediately give “hard” drugs so that they can immediately heal. It’s like killing flies with a gun.

Meanwhile, family doctors are not like that. In addition to not directly giving “hard” drugs and routinely monitoring the condition of the family members they treat, they will also refer to the most appropriate treatment address. For example, to colleagues who have been very well known, so that medical communication for the best cure can be established.

What you need to know, without a family doctor, someone might have the wrong address for treatment. In fact, the address for treatment will determine the success rate of healing the disease to the costs incurred.

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